Monday, November 4, 2013

Make-up Monday: flawless eye shadow with no creases

I'm starting a new feature here on the blog.
Make-up Monday.
I'm pretty excited about it.

Today I'm dying to talk about my favorite things in the whole wide world!

If I was left to choose only one cosmetic item this would be a major contender.

It is a colored primer. 
You  can wear it alone, or with a mineral eye shadow on over the top.
It stays on ALL day long!
No creases, baby!
It's waterproof! 
{No joke, after swimming one afternoon my eye shadow was perfect!}

But my favorite is that it makes your eye 
shadow glide on so easy and look so lovely.

The cream eye colors are the perfect base for any look.

I'm not even kidding-- 
when we went on a cruise I put my cream eye color on with my eyeshadow over at 7 am.
Then we made a 4 hour drive to Dallas.
Then we flew to Arizona.
Then we took a red-eye to Charlotte.
Then we flew to San Juan.
Then we got on the boat.

I was blown away. 
Still there, still looked flawless.

I love these bad boys.

The best part?

Just comment below for the cream eye color you want.
Next Monday the winner will be announced.
I personally love metallic taupe. And Violet Storm. Iced Coca looks lovely on so many people. 

Don't want to wait?

One for $12 or two for $22!
Just mention this post when you check out.
Sale ends 11/11/13



A giveaway! how fun!

Annik said...

The metallic taupe looks awesome! Do you happen to have a list of the ingredients? (I have some make up allergies and the last time I tried MK, it triggered them.) Thanks!

Anna said...

I need all the makeup tips I can get. Yay for these posts!

Shannon said...

I was just thinking the other day how annoying it is that my eye make-up creases and how I need to figure out how to fix that! I'm liking the look of that metallic taupe! Is it super shimmery? I'm not huge into having a lot of sparkle.

Fosters said...

Love that metallic taupe color!

Elise said...

Love the iced cocoa :-)

Anne said...

I like violet storm a lot!

Sarah Christensen said...

Love your blog! I just stumbled upon it. I would love to win the metallic taupe, too. or the green!

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