Monday, October 28, 2013

The Pizza Lady

What a weekend!

I was in charge of food for the big Trunk or Treat over the weekend.
It's combined with two wards, and the Primary takes turns; 
one year we get food, one year we get carnival booths.

This was our food year.
We provide the main dish and drinks, members brings sides and deserts.
Typically we serve hot dogs. With chips and lemonade.
But, I can't even tell you how un-excited I was to cook hot dogs for 200 people.

Well I met this woman at a Mary Kay party

{Prepare yourself for lots of stories that start this way.}

I am operating on the assumption that she doesn't read my blog, 
so I can write the story.
{Which, as I proof-read, isn't that good of a story.}
But you know what, even if she does read, it's not like I'm saying anything bad.
So there you go.

So, I met this woman at a Mary Kay party who ordered a Clearproof set for her daughter's acne.
Anyway, I ran by their brand new pizza restaurant to drop it off. 
They are pretty proud of their brand new pizza restaurant.
While I was there she mentioned they have a discount for church groups.

Do I put the restaurant name in here so she gets some good exposure? 
What if she googles her pizza restaurant and sees my blog post? 
She's pretty smart, she's a super stellar graphic designer. 
I don't want her to think I'm nuts. Hmmm....

So. Pizza. Church. Discount.
Wouldn't you know it! I need food for the Trunk or Treat.
When she found out it was a trunk or treat she asked if we were Mormon.

Come to think of it, that has happened twice to me now 
{both at Mary Kay parties, incidentally.}
What's with Mormon's and trunk or treats? 
Don't other people do them too?

So the long and short of it is that I later texted her, ordered 25 pizzas, and BOOM! Done!
I would much rather text than cook 200 hot dogs any day!

I get the feeling this is turning into a long weird story.
You know how when you don't work out for a while you lose your muscle tone?
Perhaps when you don't blog for a while you lose your flow.
 I lose.

At any rate, she is not a member, but has an uncle that is a bishop in Gilbert. 
My husband is from Gilbert. 
I want to introduce her to the church. 
Because I think she is great. 
And her husband--the pizza guy--is top notch. 
And her four kids are a blast. 

So there you go.
They say that in Big Fat Greek Wedding.
So when I say it in my mind it sounds Greek.
So there you go.

I have met some cool people at Mary Kay parties.
I have run into some really fantastic business women who are doing really neat things.
I have met some of my favorite friends.
I have also met some wackos...good times with the wackos. 

AT any rate, I am sure they are thinking the same thing about me...
being a wacko...

But look how fun my off-spring wackos are!

Let me just say, in defense of Amelia, the 2.5 year old: her dad dressed her. 
And put those sandals on over those socks.

I have the best husband!


Elizabeth Fielding said...

Love, love those cute little wackos.
Pizza sounds like a great hit.

Katie Jane said...

Jackie!! I can't believe how big your girls are getting! They are absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy for you and how great the MK business is for you! Miss you guys and Clearlake! xoxo Katie S.

Sue said...

The kids look darling!

And you were smart to go with pizza. I can't stand cooking for huge groups!


Annik said...

SO adorable and great story!

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