Saturday, February 9, 2013

The minivan that got peed in.

Every Tuesday and Thursday we take Brigham's little friend home from preschool,
and every T/TH she makes some comment about my van.
{I think she is a darling girl, so the whole thing cracks me up!}
"This car smells funny. It's a mess in here."
"There are lots of crumbs in here."
"Why are there all these shoes on the floor?"
Yeah, well I've got news:
There are three of those little kids, and only one of me. 
So, on Thursday I was one step ahead of her.
I took the van in and got it washed and vacuumed.
And it smelled like cinnamon.
It was glorious.
Then I ran to pick the kids up.
She walked by (hadn't even gotten in yet), looked over her glasses at my clean shiny van, and said,
"This car is really old."
(It's not that old...)
At least smell it first!

I lose.
 At least I had a clean van, right?
That smelled like cinnamon. 
Well...Lincoln took the bigs camping last night.
I should have known not to clean that poor van.
Apparently it was cold.
Too cold for Brigham, who refused to wear his coat 
{he wanted to make a fashion statement.}
So Lincoln, very patiently at this point, put Brigham in the van and played with Rosie.
Brigham, bless his heart, needed to pee.
So he attempted to do his business in a McDonald's cup.
IN my cean-ish van.
He's 5.
So now my poor, "old", cinnamon smelling, at one point clean van 
has a backseat covered in pee.
 And cookies.
He found some cookies.
I'm never washing that thing again.
Good thing I have that free Mary Kay car. 
I'll just drive it.

Notice no pictures of Brigham?
He was busy...



Sue said...


I had my boys pee in McDonald's cups more than once...




:) :) you're back!

Elizabeth Fielding said...

Yeah, you are back. I love your blogs.
Bless Lincoln's heart. He's a great day to take them camping.

Nikki Flanagan said...

Ha Ha! Too Funny! :)

Nikki Flanagan said...

Ha Ha! Too Funny! :)

Elizabeth Fielding said...

How about a new blog post about Amelia's 2nd birthday party.

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