Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Help Wanted!

Hello, there.
I have had like a million people make a comment about my blog in the last week.
So maybe I should make an appearance.

I'm here.
And I'm super happy.
And I'm loving life!

My Mary Kay business has exploded into more than I ever thought possible.
It's truly been amazing.
Sorry you got neglected.

 Life is good. I love what I'm doing.

I do want to ask for some cheerleaders, please.
Can you do that for me?

Even if I look awful in red? 
Red jacket = Mary Kay promotion

I am in qualifications to be a director--DIQ.
{Basically that means my paycheck will triple for doing what I am already doing.}

PLUS! I am inches away from a free car
{I will get it this month!}

Here's the thing, DIQ is journey.
Always up, but sometimes a little more work to stay up.
I don't ever want to get down, and I don't ever want to say hard,
 because I'm choosing to be very careful with my words.
But, sometimes I need some cheering on.
Know what I mean?

So that's it.
I'm working on my goals.
Not working hard.
But working fun.
Or working smart? Or working easy?
What should I say?

I started MK in April (signed up in March.)

I'll be in a free car ASAP
(Sort of...I'm taking the cash instead.)

I'll be a director in 2 months.

So, here's the thing:
There is never ever any pressure to buy anything from me.
If you don't want it, then I don't want to sell it to you.
But if you do, I am happy to help.
This is what I do want:
I would love to send you some free samples, just so I can count your face toward my goal!

I would also love some practice sharing how Mary Kay works.
I'm willing to give you a free cosmetic item of your choice if you will help!

Most of all, what I would love is some support, encouragement, and you can do its!

Does that sounds like something you could handle?
Because I really need ya!

I'm earning a free car, baby!


Amy said...

YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Oh my gosh Jackie, you are a rock star!! This Mary Kay business is such an incredible thing for you and you are doing incredible things!
DIQ?? Already??? I think I smell a Pink Cadillac... or an NSD.
Go for it girl. Grab this thing by the horns!


Good work dear! I wore my mascara the other day :) thought of you! Keep it up. You can do hard things!

Dixie Mom said...

Geez girl! You go!

Elizabeth Fielding said...

I love, love my Mary Kay products. Especially the Freckle Remover. :)
Also, I love the "Old Lady" repair set. It has STOPPED those old lady lines from growing and showing. (I'm still old but I do love the "Repair Set")
Besides, I really appreciate your personal consulting. It helps me understand the products better and what works best for me. I'm so sensitive to the sun screen and you have helped me find the right replacement.
You are just doing great. It's a challenge to keep it growing and I admire you for your hard work.
P.S. I'm ready to re-order.

Peggy said...

What in the world? You are amazing!

Amy N. said...

I'd love to try some samples, but I probably won't buy anything.

Sue said...

So proud of you! And I would love to get free samples of whatever organic and/or hypoallergenic face wash, toner, moisturizer, and eye gel you might have because I am definitely going to have to switch. The one I use has gone out of production entirely. Unscented is good, too.


Anne said...

I love getting mail! Congrats on your success.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Ok, I need some help in the lipstick department. i don't know what colors I should be choosing. I've been searching for forever for the right lip color and I haven't found anything i like yet. some samples would be AWESOME! I could even send you a pic of my face if I need to!

Carrie said...

Congrats! You can send me anything. I was just thinking the other day how much I missed my Mary Kay eyeliner--always the smokey dark grayish one and I have never found another brand that I liked better and that I needed to order one! I also need long eyelashes. bad. can you get me those? Ha!

Josi Bunder said...

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