Friday, May 13, 2011

Back-Up your blog!

 Super cute cell phone picture from Grandpa.
We love having him in town!

Blogger has been freaking out lately
so here is my regular reminder

And in case you need directions.

1. Settings--> Basic--> Export your blog--> Download blog.

2. Then download it somewhere you will remember.
If you open that file it will look like a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

That's it!

If you have a blog crisis you can:

1. Settings--> Basic--> Import your blog.

2. Now just choose the file you had previously saved. 
Then it will pull up your blog as of the date you saved it.
(Meaning you should save it frequently-I do once a month.)

This also works if you change blog addresses but want to have your old posts on a new blog.


Amy said...

Thanks for re-posting this! I was thinking of you and your original post when Blogger was having issues. I need to be better at this!

Stef said...

Nice. You can also follow yourself and it will all be saved on your google reader. That is what I do. Plus I slurp them into my soon-to-be printed blog book.
Stupid Blogger! (Not you. I mean blogspot! That sounded mean!)

Carrie & Tyson said...

Awesome! Thanks for the info!

Inspire Me Heather said...

Thanks for the reminder - I'm going to do that RIGHT NOW!

Shawnie said...

That is great advice. I lost a post to the last black-out, and had no clue you could do this...thanks for a great tip.

Em @ Inspired Coincidences said...

This week when I couldn't log into blogger and then I read something about previous posts being deleted I freaked! Your post is perfect timing, thanks!
stopping by from MMB post of the week

Amy said...

Wow, I didn't know you could do that! Thank you so much for the tip, fantastic!

Corine said...

THANK YOU for the reminder! :)

Sue said...

I've been afraid to do that...thinking it would send my whole blog away or something.

Should I take a leap of faith and do it?

Reassure me...


Valerie said...

Had no idea it was that easy. Gotta come back soon for these instructions when I'm feeling better. Nothing happened to my blog (as far as I can tell) with this latest Blogger stuff, but you never know when something might happen.

Leenie said...

You are amazing, girl. Thanks for the reminder and tip!

Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

Hello, I'm your newest follower over from the hop.

Hope can stop by sometime..

Have a great day!

Purple Froggie Clay Stuff

Jen M said...

New follower from Friday Blog Hop! :)
Jen @ My Secret Home

DanielleCorrelle said...

Great tip! :)

New follower from the Boost My Blog Friday Hop :) I'd love a follow back.

Have a great day!


Shellsea said...

Thanks for the tips.

Love, Shellsea Blog - Giveaway today

Jocelyn Christensen said...


Kristin said...

Wow - I have never done this before - hold everything while I get it done! ((hugs))


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