Monday, November 4, 2013

Make-up Monday: flawless eye shadow with no creases

I'm starting a new feature here on the blog.
Make-up Monday.
I'm pretty excited about it.

Today I'm dying to talk about my favorite things in the whole wide world!

If I was left to choose only one cosmetic item this would be a major contender.

It is a colored primer. 
You  can wear it alone, or with a mineral eye shadow on over the top.
It stays on ALL day long!
No creases, baby!
It's waterproof! 
{No joke, after swimming one afternoon my eye shadow was perfect!}

But my favorite is that it makes your eye 
shadow glide on so easy and look so lovely.

The cream eye colors are the perfect base for any look.

I'm not even kidding-- 
when we went on a cruise I put my cream eye color on with my eyeshadow over at 7 am.
Then we made a 4 hour drive to Dallas.
Then we flew to Arizona.
Then we took a red-eye to Charlotte.
Then we flew to San Juan.
Then we got on the boat.

I was blown away. 
Still there, still looked flawless.

I love these bad boys.

The best part?

Just comment below for the cream eye color you want.
Next Monday the winner will be announced.
I personally love metallic taupe. And Violet Storm. Iced Coca looks lovely on so many people. 

Don't want to wait?

One for $12 or two for $22!
Just mention this post when you check out.
Sale ends 11/11/13

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Pizza Lady

What a weekend!

I was in charge of food for the big Trunk or Treat over the weekend.
It's combined with two wards, and the Primary takes turns; 
one year we get food, one year we get carnival booths.

This was our food year.
We provide the main dish and drinks, members brings sides and deserts.
Typically we serve hot dogs. With chips and lemonade.
But, I can't even tell you how un-excited I was to cook hot dogs for 200 people.

Well I met this woman at a Mary Kay party

{Prepare yourself for lots of stories that start this way.}

I am operating on the assumption that she doesn't read my blog, 
so I can write the story.
{Which, as I proof-read, isn't that good of a story.}
But you know what, even if she does read, it's not like I'm saying anything bad.
So there you go.

So, I met this woman at a Mary Kay party who ordered a Clearproof set for her daughter's acne.
Anyway, I ran by their brand new pizza restaurant to drop it off. 
They are pretty proud of their brand new pizza restaurant.
While I was there she mentioned they have a discount for church groups.

Do I put the restaurant name in here so she gets some good exposure? 
What if she googles her pizza restaurant and sees my blog post? 
She's pretty smart, she's a super stellar graphic designer. 
I don't want her to think I'm nuts. Hmmm....

So. Pizza. Church. Discount.
Wouldn't you know it! I need food for the Trunk or Treat.
When she found out it was a trunk or treat she asked if we were Mormon.

Come to think of it, that has happened twice to me now 
{both at Mary Kay parties, incidentally.}
What's with Mormon's and trunk or treats? 
Don't other people do them too?

So the long and short of it is that I later texted her, ordered 25 pizzas, and BOOM! Done!
I would much rather text than cook 200 hot dogs any day!

I get the feeling this is turning into a long weird story.
You know how when you don't work out for a while you lose your muscle tone?
Perhaps when you don't blog for a while you lose your flow.
 I lose.

At any rate, she is not a member, but has an uncle that is a bishop in Gilbert. 
My husband is from Gilbert. 
I want to introduce her to the church. 
Because I think she is great. 
And her husband--the pizza guy--is top notch. 
And her four kids are a blast. 

So there you go.
They say that in Big Fat Greek Wedding.
So when I say it in my mind it sounds Greek.
So there you go.

I have met some cool people at Mary Kay parties.
I have run into some really fantastic business women who are doing really neat things.
I have met some of my favorite friends.
I have also met some wackos...good times with the wackos. 

AT any rate, I am sure they are thinking the same thing about me...
being a wacko...

But look how fun my off-spring wackos are!

Let me just say, in defense of Amelia, the 2.5 year old: her dad dressed her. 
And put those sandals on over those socks.

I have the best husband!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


For almost two years now I have been teaching a Yoga class at the YMCA.
Originally, I started to do it because I couldn't afford a membership, but I really wanted to work out.
--Because I just wanted a small break in my day.--
{I had three kids in 3.5 years, remember.}
So I would work out, sit in the chapel, make a couple calls.
It was glorious.
Then Mary Kay came into my life.
And I could afford the membership,
but I kept teaching YOGA anyway.
I really do love it.
Anyway, we do a balance pose in my class.
It's always right after the work poses, right before the stretching poses.
I remind my students that life is about balance:
Balance between work, home life, family, hobbies. Everything.
So, what I'm trying to say is, I'm back to blogging.
I'm re-finding my new balance.
When I started Mary Kay I became more busy,
but I also became more productive.
And I let blogging go for a while...but I'm back!
I'm creating more balance in my life and I am happy with the decisions I am making...and have made.
I mean, blogging never gave me a free car or anything...
{Or extra money to pay for Lincoln to go to graduate school,
or a Kate Spade handbag, or free massages,
or way more self confidence, or amazing trips,
or the opportunity to meet and get to know
 emotionally stable and mentally sane women.}
Ok, maybe I exaggerate, blogging did give me some of those things,
 but it can't hold a candle to how my heart feels about Mary Kay.
I love where I am at.
I love where I am going.
I love my family.
I love my life.
Thanks for being patient!
What do y'all want to hear about?
Christmas last year? The free car? The cutest little girls in the entire world?
The first lost teeth? Kindergarten?
My best beauty secrets?
THE CRUISE!!!  Where to start?!?!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The minivan that got peed in.

Every Tuesday and Thursday we take Brigham's little friend home from preschool,
and every T/TH she makes some comment about my van.
{I think she is a darling girl, so the whole thing cracks me up!}
"This car smells funny. It's a mess in here."
"There are lots of crumbs in here."
"Why are there all these shoes on the floor?"
Yeah, well I've got news:
There are three of those little kids, and only one of me. 
So, on Thursday I was one step ahead of her.
I took the van in and got it washed and vacuumed.
And it smelled like cinnamon.
It was glorious.
Then I ran to pick the kids up.
She walked by (hadn't even gotten in yet), looked over her glasses at my clean shiny van, and said,
"This car is really old."
(It's not that old...)
At least smell it first!

I lose.
 At least I had a clean van, right?
That smelled like cinnamon. 
Well...Lincoln took the bigs camping last night.
I should have known not to clean that poor van.
Apparently it was cold.
Too cold for Brigham, who refused to wear his coat 
{he wanted to make a fashion statement.}
So Lincoln, very patiently at this point, put Brigham in the van and played with Rosie.
Brigham, bless his heart, needed to pee.
So he attempted to do his business in a McDonald's cup.
IN my cean-ish van.
He's 5.
So now my poor, "old", cinnamon smelling, at one point clean van 
has a backseat covered in pee.
 And cookies.
He found some cookies.
I'm never washing that thing again.
Good thing I have that free Mary Kay car. 
I'll just drive it.

Notice no pictures of Brigham?
He was busy...


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Free Car!

I ordered my free car earlier this month.
I earned my car last month in Mary Kay.
(Seven months into my business.)

We are pretty excited around here.
My first free car will be a Chevy Cruze with ALL the features.
(Touch screen GPS, back up camera, On-Star, satellite Radio)

The bummer is that it takes 10-12 weeks to be delivered.
Which, as far as disappointments go, isn't a big deal.

It sure has be en an exciting journey!
I love Mary Kay!

 I am finishing qualifications to be a director this month
and need to practice my follow ups.

I would love to give a $10 gift card to 
EVERYONE who watchess this quick video and let's me follow up!
(I just want to get your opinion, truly. Not pressure you AT ALL!)

Plus, you get entered to win a COACH handbag.

And! you would be helping your friend Jackie out. 

Please watch this video, comment, and
 I will follow up to get your gift card.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest Posters Needed

It's my favorite time of year!
If you know me you know how much I LOOOOOVE 
September-January 5th!

Why January 5th? Because it's just after new years, but just before the beginning of the year blues.

And with the best time of year comes the best blog series:

I am looking for a few fabulous guest posters to share how
God has made an impact in their life.

Stories, poems, experiences, anything you want!

Email me if you would love to share at the HOS
{House of Sarager}

jackie.wins (at) gmail (dot) com

And here is my favorite fall picture ever!
IT was taken last year at a bad angle (hence the double chin...whatever, I still love it!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Help Wanted!

Hello, there.
I have had like a million people make a comment about my blog in the last week.
So maybe I should make an appearance.

I'm here.
And I'm super happy.
And I'm loving life!

My Mary Kay business has exploded into more than I ever thought possible.
It's truly been amazing.
Sorry you got neglected.

 Life is good. I love what I'm doing.

I do want to ask for some cheerleaders, please.
Can you do that for me?

Even if I look awful in red? 
Red jacket = Mary Kay promotion

I am in qualifications to be a director--DIQ.
{Basically that means my paycheck will triple for doing what I am already doing.}

PLUS! I am inches away from a free car
{I will get it this month!}

Here's the thing, DIQ is journey.
Always up, but sometimes a little more work to stay up.
I don't ever want to get down, and I don't ever want to say hard,
 because I'm choosing to be very careful with my words.
But, sometimes I need some cheering on.
Know what I mean?

So that's it.
I'm working on my goals.
Not working hard.
But working fun.
Or working smart? Or working easy?
What should I say?

I started MK in April (signed up in March.)

I'll be in a free car ASAP
(Sort of...I'm taking the cash instead.)

I'll be a director in 2 months.

So, here's the thing:
There is never ever any pressure to buy anything from me.
If you don't want it, then I don't want to sell it to you.
But if you do, I am happy to help.
This is what I do want:
I would love to send you some free samples, just so I can count your face toward my goal!

I would also love some practice sharing how Mary Kay works.
I'm willing to give you a free cosmetic item of your choice if you will help!

Most of all, what I would love is some support, encouragement, and you can do its!

Does that sounds like something you could handle?
Because I really need ya!

I'm earning a free car, baby!
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